Formal Annual Confidentiality Training System Complete Kit



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Your video on confidentiality is very professional, clear and concise. I think it’s well done and it’s certainly an excellent staff development tool.”

Gloria Koepke, Special Education Director, TX



Training prevents staff mistakes that can lead to costly legal problems!
In just 45 minutes and with one easy-to-use kit, your department can be in compliance now!
The Formal Annual Confidentiality Training System (F.A.C.T.S. Kit) contains the materials and information necessary for you to train your staff to make informed and appropriate decisions regarding confidentiality issues. Information about IDEA 2004, FERPA, and PPRA are included in the training system.

All school personnel are required to follow very specific confidentiality procedures in accordance with federal mandates. This training raises the level of professional integrity and provides the building blocks to strengthen positive relationships between school personnel, parents, and the community.
Key Points . . .

  • The F.A.C.T.S. can be presented in a small group, campus-wide, or district-wide inservice training system.
  • All information included in the system correlates with federal laws and accepted professional ethical procedures.
  • The streamlined flow of the training system gives the presenter the ease of minimal preparation.
  • The Video Presentation, Trainer’s Script, and other visual aids, increases the flexibility of the presentation.




Formal Annual Confidentiality Training System (F.A.C.T.S.) Kit  includes . . .

   Video Presentation with Javier Pena, Attorney at Law
   Trainer’s Resource Manual
          Trainer’s Script
          Training Power Point
          Training Forms/Verification Forms/Log
   Serialized Attendee Booklets/Pens (for 50 participants)
   Compliance Verification Forms(for 50 participants)
   Attendee Handouts(for 50 participants)
   Attendee Lecture Guide (for 50 participants)
   Attendee Lecture Guide Key
   Attendee Posttest (for 50 participants)
   Attendee Posttest Key
   Documentation Register


Formal Annual Confidentiality Training System (F.A.C.T.S.) Reorder Kit includes . . .


·       Serialized Attendee Booklets and Verification Forms (for 50 participants)

·       Attendee Lecture Guide (for 50 participants)

·       Attendee Posttest (for 50 participants)

·       Attendee Posttest Key

·       Attendee Handouts (for 50 participants)

·       50 Pens


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