Terrific Teaching Strategies Science Wheel


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Successful teaching strategies at your fingertips!

Our unique Terrific Teaching Strategies (TTS) Wheels give teachers time-tested strategies for increasing student performance. They’re perfect for planning lessons and preparing for statewide testing.

There is a wheel for each grade (3-11) in each core subject: Reading/Writing or Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Scroll down to view sample wheels for each subject.

  • State Test-Taking Tips
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Technology
  • Special Education
  • English-Language Learners
  • Classroom Management Tips
  • Parent Involvement

Raise statewide testing scores with the TTS Wheels!

Read Dr. Michael Shaughnessy’s interview in EdNews. click here

Teach to the Standards!

  • Reading Decoding, Comprehension, Fluency
  • Literary Concepts, Effective Writing, Proofreading
  • Numbers, Math Operations, Quantitive Reasoning, Problem Solving, Patterns, Relationships
  • Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Statistics
  • Earth Science, Physical Science, Life Science, Chemistry, Inquiry
  • Historical Events and Issues: Geographic, Economic, Social, and Political Influences

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50-499 wheels, $5.95
500+ wheels, $3.95

Simply choose your subject and grade level, tell us how many you want, and click the ADD TO CART button. To view a sample of a TTS Wheel, click HERE.

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