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Elements of Basic Geometry Complete Kit

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$595.00 (excluding tax)
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Product Description

Great for high school high students who are reading at a grade 2/4 level!

The Elements of Basic Geometry allows for students to understand concepts in geometry even if they are reading at a lower level. Students will learn to identify, describe, and analyze geometrical shapes. They will learn to describe and use mathematical relationships, compare and contrast lines, points, and planes with practical, "real life" applications. The content matter is grade level, age-appropriate, and standards-aligned. Each lesson is self-explanatory so that students can progress independently. The curriculum includes service-learning opportunities.

This curriculum is also appropriate for adult learners.

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Does your student have . . . Appropriate for . . .
  • A serious reading problem?
  • Dyslexia?
  • ADHD?
  • Problems learning?
  • A cognitive challenge?
  • Autism?
  • English as a second language?
  • Mainstream classrooms
  • Resource settings
  • Self-contained settings
  • ELL settings
  • Statewide prep tutorials
  • Alternative settings
  • Residential or homebound
  • Correctional programs
Each COMPLETE kit includes . . .
  1. Resource Binder/CD:
    • Teacher Edition
    • Goals and Objectives
    • Pretests and Posttests
    • Unit Tests Standard Form
    • Unit Tests Form B
    • Test Keys
    • 180+ Practice Pages, Chapter Worksheets and Keys
    • Chapter Activities and Projects
  2. 10 Consumable Student Books
  3. 10 Consumable Student Practice Booklets


The Reorder Kit includes 10 Consumable Student Books and 10 Consumable Student Practice Booklets.

 The DIGITAL SITE LICENSE is also available.

One simple price $995.00 for the DIGITAL SITE LICENSE SUBSCRIPTION includes:                       

  • 1 TE (Teacher Edition)
  • 1 hard copy book
  • Digital Student Text
  • Student Test Key
  • Digital Goals and Objectives
  • Digital Pretest, Posttest, Unit Tests
  • Pre, Post, Unit Tests Keys
  • Digital Pretest, Posttest, Unit Tests Form B
  • Pre, Post, Unit B Test Keys
  • Digital Vocabulary Games & Worksheets
  • Vocabulary Games and Worksheets Keys
  • Digital Chapter Activities and Projects
  • Digital Practice Pages according to availability
  • Practice Pages Key 
  • TEKS Correlations for Texas educators 

 The DiGITAL SITE LICENSE SUBCRIPTION grants the right to reproduce content for one year.            

           Dont forget to look at the other great subjects we offer in the Elements Curriculum.   

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Made in the U.S.A.

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Product Reviews

  1. Elements Curriculum

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2010

    Thank you much!!!
    Thank you for making such special materials for our "special" kids.


  2. Your books!

    Posted by Freda Harder, Plyer Alternative School on 27th Mar 2010

    I have a new student taking geometry. When I started working with him I could tell that he knew more than my students usually know!!! I started to give him the unit test and he zoomed through the first two unit test with great scores!!... I mean, he missed one question!

    I started him at unit 3 and he’s doing great. I asked what book his teacher was using and sure enough… Firelight!!! I emailed the teacher and sure enough, they’re at the same area where my student tested!! I’m so happy that a teacher at his previous school is really using the materials. This kid is really doing great.

    I wish I felt like all of the teachers were taking advantage of the chance to see our kids make this progress!! But at least it’s making a difference with this class!!

  3. Amazing curriculum

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Feb 2010

    Wow! Your books, curriculum and videos are absolutely Amazing!!!! After watching your You Tube videos and going through your site I think your program should be in every school everywhere!!!!!
    Autumn, Mom

  4. review

    Posted by Freda Harder, Special Education/Alternative Education Teacher, Tyler TX on 5th Jun 2009

    I wanted you to know that I think we're making progress with your books!! A diagnostician friend came by my classroom last week and we had the chance for her to look over my textbooks and my gradesheets that I am using with the books. She was very impressed with the materials. She has shared the information with many people in our administration.
    The self esteem they've (students) developed is amazing. It's really been great for them.
    Thank you so much for all you've done to help my students' and ME!!

  5. review

    Posted by Brynn Scott, Special Education Teacher, Austin TX on 5th Jun 2009

    I had a fantastic experience with all six Elements books. I saw students go from failing with little hope of graduating to them building self-confidence and good grades. I think this curriculum is essential and has been the missing link for this particular student population. It has tremendously encouraged me and given these students hope for a better life and a future!The Elements have taken subjects like Algebra that are often difficult for students to get and turned the subjects into practical, relatable life strategies. I have every bit of confidence that this curriculum will help kids "do life" when they never had a way to succeed. Elements is THE vehicle that brings their education academic success!
    I loved the activities that went along with this (IPC) book! IPC Elements makes IPC understandable, reachable, and fun!
    Brynn Scott, Special Education Teacher, Austin TX

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