Elements Curriculum

I went to your presentation in Nashville, IN. I think these books could be the missing link to success for my lower functioning ED students. I really appreciate your help!
Sarah Zaiko, ED Teacher, IN
LaPorte School Corporation

The curriculum allows students to gain a deep understanding of the significance of what they are studying. They are able to participate effectively in the classroom environment.    Vivian Hutchinson, Director of Special Education

All of the concepts of English grammar are addressed in this text. With each item  presented in isolation, students are able to master each element before attempting to put all the pieces of grammar together.
This is the best and most direct approach to the basics of Speech that I have ever encountered.
This book (Economics) teaches the real life elements of Economics that all young adults need to be successful in independent life.
This book presents the elements involved in understanding the complexities of American Government in a step-by-step, concise process that even mentally challenged students are able to grasp.
Laurie McKnight, Special Education Teacher, MO

Read the interview in Ed News!
Dr. Michael Shaughnessy, NM

It is rare to find such well-designed materials for upper level subjects. These materials truly provide access to the general curriculum for special needs students.
Linda Lamirande, TX
Region 16 ESC

I had a fantastic experience with all six Elements books. I saw students go from failing with little hope of graduating to them building self-confidence and good grades. I think this curriculum is essential and has been the missing link for this particular student population. It has tremendously encouraged me and given these students hope for a better life and a future!The Elements have taken subjects like Algebra that are often difficult for students to get and turned the subjects into practical, relatable life strategies. I have every bit of confidence that this curriculum will help kids “do life” when they never had a way to succeed. Elements is THE vehicle that brings their education academic success!
I loved the activities that went along with this (IPC) book! IPC Elements makes IPC understandable, reachable, and fun!
Brynn Scott, Special Education Teacher, Austin TX

Our son has always been 2-3 years behind academically. Last year our school began a portion of the Firelight curriculum. His progress was so huge that he was able to pass the 8th grade Reading TAKS-M on grade level and we have high hopes for the Math TAKS to be administered later this year. Thank you, thank you Firelight!
Tonya, Lubbock TX

I wanted you to know that I think we’re making progress with your books!! A diagnostician friend came by my classroom last week and we had the chance for her to look over my textbooks and my gradesheets that I am using with the books. She was very impressed with the materials. She has shared the information with many people in our administration.
The self esteem they’ve (students) developed is amazing. It’s really been great for them.
Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help my students’ and ME!!
Freda Harder, Special Education/Alternative Education Teacher, Tyler TX
Plyler Alternative School, Middle and High School Resource, Tyler ISD

Vikki Garland, Whitney TX
Whitney ISD

Thank you.  Support for Special Education is important and we recognize that our Special Education teachers make a tremendous difference in the lives of children with special needs.

Marie Fay, Director Student Support Services

White Mountains Regional SD


“Good for our low readers.” Jan Stortz, Resource Teacher, Alaska


“It targets a student population that very often has few materials that are at an appropriate level, but still RESPECTFUL of the students’ age and their self-esteem.” Ernie Manzie, Director of Educational Programs, Alaska


“All your materials have modifications for the special learner.” Joanne Healy, Assistant Professor Special Education,  Alaska


“How it teaches subjects at a basic level.” Kim Denesen, Special Education Teacher, Alaska

“Age appropriate and easy to use and understand.” Candace Davis, 5-8 Special ed teacher, Arkansas

“I like the way it is broken down to enable one on one instruction for the “at risk” student. This enhances student understanding of the curriculum and they are able to get a better grasp of the curriculum.” Trena Ellison, Administrative Assistant, Arkansas                                                                                                      

“I liked that the curriculum is grade klevel appropriate, but students who read on a lower level can be successful. I also liked that the curriculum come with teacher guides and workbooks.” Rhonda Johnson, Secondary Special Education Teacher, Arkansas

“Direct instruction, very clear and effective for learners. Thanks for an sharing a sample book two years ago at the Special Show in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It’s been great!” Joy Holley, Teacher, Special Education Math, Arkansas

“I love that I can use it with my lower functioning ESE students and with my ELL students.  There is a feeling of accomplishment for them and the basics are mastered.” Sari Heipp, ESE Teacher, Florida

“It is very helpfull to the Students in the Bahamas, The Teachers are using student text Books to teach with. That’s how good the Elements are. I look foward to presenting your products again this year.” William Butler, Supplier, Florida

“Give more instructional material for our kids.” Ana Real-Serrano, Parents Liaison, Florida

“Actually real resources and solutions for children made for adult educators who actually care to do the right thing versus simply paying homage or reseenting No Child Left Behind. Great material  8th grade.” Shirley Neumann (on behalf of Nephew’s school), P.O.A., former parapro, Georgia

“Broken down, easy to use and provide foundational instruction to build upon in high maths.” Joanne Raynie, Lead Exceptional Ed. Teacher, Georgia

“The lessons are suited for the learning level a student is on. The student is able to comprehend the lessons on his reading level.” Bridgitte Arnold, Teacher, Georgia

“This series of books takes the guess work out of modifying for MiID students.” Yolanda Watson, MiID Teacher, Georgia

“easy to understand” Rhonda Lockwood, Educational Consultant, Kentucky

“Very comprehensive – easy to follow.” Arden Goodman, Asst. Director of Special Education, Kentucky

“It presents material in a clear, concise manner so students can understand it.  I also like the built in data sheet for progress monitoring.” Katrina Lowe, ECE Teacher, Kentucky

“grade level material at students reading level.” Mary Harris, Special Education Teacher, Kentucky

“Well written; covers standards at a level the lower readers can understand.” Lucinda Crouch, Director of Special Services, Missouri

“lower reading ability for students” Denise Schimweg, Special Educator, Missouri

“The curriculum is set up to help specical education students to succeed in subject areas where they may not have been able to do in the textbooks used in most classrooms.” Linda Becker, Special Education Teacher, Missouri

“The students are able to read the books. It is at their reading levels.” Debbie Hilton, Special Education, New Hampshire

“Fluency in learning opportunities for children at specific levels of development.” Diane Trujillo, Reading Specialist, New Mexico

“I like this curriculum because it targets the students (i.e. dyslexia, ADHD, or cognitive learning disabilities) in our school and it provides real life examples. In addition, it provides step-by-step instructions which are especially important for our special needs students.” Juan Aleman III, Dean of Students/Head of Special Education, Pennsylvania

“The fact that it is on a reading level that will beneficial to all special needs children and even regular education students that are struggling.” Frankie Johnson, Program Supervisor, Tennessee

“The large, uncluttered font along with the lower reading levels.” Tonya Hettler, Parent, Texas

“Because of the way we are held accountable in the federal accountability system, I like the idea of the algebra books being written on a 2/3 grade level. These resources are excellent for intervention, as well as, use with our special education students.” Natalie Hooey, Director of Curriculum, Texas

“Clear format, easy to use.” Debbie Constable, Special Education Director, Texas

“The students are able to read and understand the material and not get lost.” Karen Ives, Basic Math Teacher grades 9-12, Texas

“Instructional level and explanations.” Kelli Kercher, Special Education Team Leader, Utah

“It is based at the reading level of many of my students.  I am hoping that the vocabulary will be more suited to their needs.” Terese Toth, Special Education Department Chair, Virginia

“What I like most about the curriculum is that it is keeping up with the changing times.  Many schools and districts and are focusing more on differentiation and RTI.  As a result many of the students that were historically palced in speacial education classes are now being mainstreamed and the curriculums that many of us have available are not equiped to accomodate this population; which results in teacheres having to do a lot more leg work in preparing for these students.  Valuable time, that could be used to teach these students instead.” Charlotte Booker, Mathematics Teacher, Wisconsin

“Provides modified high school material to students that struggle in the mainstream fast pace math curriculum. I have used the Elements of Geometry and had good success.” Jim Davis, Special Ed. Teacher, Wisconsin

Miles ISD Special Education Program:
We have used the Elements Curriculum textbooks by Firelight Books for many subject areas for a number of years. The textbooks are great resources that align with the curriculum of the regular classroom. The Firelight materials have been a much needed supplement that allows our special needs students better access to the general curriculum. With the use of Firelight products, our Special Education students have been able to demonstrate progress in their coursework for each year of use. We recommend all subject areas of the Firelight Elements Curriculum and textbooks to all Special Education Programs, for use in both resource and inclusion classes.