RtI Response to Intervention

I have received the Modification Wheel and love it. Thanks so much.
Linda Bell, Special Education Coordinator, EBD, GA

My district has been transitioning to a new philosophy called Professional Learning Communities. In the process, we have started developing intervention pyramids to assist all students from those that just need a little support, to those that are at-risk, and finally to those that will be referred to special education through the RtI model. The wheel we have on hand helped teachers come up with ideas to assist students with accommodations and modifications. The RtI team is in the process of trying to get the wheels in every teacher’s hand. – Misty LaRoe
Misty LaRoe, MO-DLD President, MO

I enthusiastically recommend the Modifications Wheel and State Assessment Strategies Wheels for teachers, teachers-in-training, and professors of Education. I have found them to be both practical and innovative. And the customer service at Firelight Books is second to none. You can tell that the staff loves students, teachers, and the ongoing pursuit of Best Practices!
Dr. David Silverberg, Ashland OH
Ashland University

We received the sample, it was great, our district bought 50!! We are distributing them to all new teachers tomorrow during a workshop on differentiating instruction. We are using the rest as giveaways when we do other workshops. It such a handy reference guide–quick and easy to use!
Susan Faticka, Curriculum Specialist, Painsville OH
Painsville Board of Education

It is rare to find such well-designed materials for upper level subjects. These materials truly provide access to the general curriculum for special needs students.
Linda Lamirande, TX
Region 16 ESC

As an LSSP in Texas, I find the behavioral wheel very useful in training teachers strategies for working with students who exhibit behaviors that interfere with learning. The best thing about the wheel is that teachers can take it with them and use it as new behaviors crop up in their classrooms. The feedback I receive from teachers who have used the wheel is always positive, and they often ask for wheels that address other concerns, such as strategies for LD students and test-taking for Special Education students. Thank you for your support of teachers and students, and keep up the good work.
Charlene Albertson, Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, Harlingen TX

Great support for IEP teams!
Linda S. Oggel, M.A., CCC-SLP, Richmond VA