F.A.C.T.S. Kit

About the FACTS…

I have been presenting small group and district-wide workshops on confidentiality for many years. When I began using the FACTS kit, I observed several behaviors. The most important behavior is that teachers and other attendees began taking confidentiality much more seriously. By signing the serialized attendee booklet and the matching serialized verification page, they realized the importance of the training. They read their booklet and kept it with their professional papers. Secondly, I felt much more comfortable. The kit has everything that I need to present a complete workshop,even pens for the attendees! I felt much more prepared. I was no longer anxious about leaving out important information. The powerpoint makes the presentation easy.
I am always concerned about professional integrity and respect for parents and students. I have observed that after the FACTS training, the staff were much more sensitive about confidentiality.
The training is necessary on a yearly basis in order to keep the high level of professionalism. I have seen that it is worth the time present a quality workshop.
Thank you for reading about my personal experiences.
Nancy Nichols, Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, TX

I like that it is portable, and I can go where I need to go to provide the training.
I like that it’s “all-inclusive”- meaning, I can train many or one at the same time.
I like the transparencies to provide a visual so people aren’t just listening to me or reading to themselves.
I like that trainees get a copy of the book because we all know nobody remembers most of what they hear. It also provides a quick reference so everybody doesn’t have to call you for clarification.
Lisa Roberts, Confidentiality Trainer, Beaumont TX

I can certainly say that the FACTS kit was very user-friendly. I used it with success both years I was a trainer. The kit helped me present an organized and concise confidentiality training to the staff at my school.
Laura Brinkley, Huntsville TX