Elements of Basic Careers 2


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Great for high school students who are reading at a grade 2/4 level!

Students explore more than 100 career occupations: duties, educational requirements, pay, job opportunities, and job outlooks.

• Each lesson is self-explanatory, so students can progress independently.
• The content matter is grade level, age-appropriate, and standards aligned.
• This complete program fosters learning for students of all ability levels with skills practice, vocabulary games,           and projects.

Example Concepts:

  •  Knowledge and Skills: employability, career development, communication, information technology,   teamwork, legalities, problem solving, safety and health, technical skills
  • Career Groups: Agricultural, Communications and Information, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Engineering, Health Sciences, Human Services, Business and Marketing
  • Job Search Basics: search, interview, résumé, portfolio
  • Job Success: getting along with employers and coworkers, productive work habits, safety practices
  • Individual Graduation Plan; Post-secondary Education Options
  • Core Values and Personal Success: self-awareness, social awareness, self-control, self-management, and decision-making
  • Independent Living: money management, personal life decisions

Student Book offers 190+ instructional and practice pages with real-life examples to build skills.
Practice Book offers 190+ practice pages to reinforce skills.
Teacher Resource Edition includes reproducible pretests, posttests, and unit tests (standard form and form B for cognitively challenged students), goals and objectives (IEPs), chapter activities and projects, and all answer keys.

Does your student have…

  • A serious reading problem?
  • Dyslexia?
  • ADHD?
  • Problems learning?
  • A cognitive challenge?
  • Autism?
  • English as a second language?

Appropriate for…

  • Mainstream classrooms
  • Resource settings
  • Self-contained settings
  • ELL settings
  • Statewide prep tutorials
  • Alternative settings
  • Residential or homebound
  • Correctional programs