Elements of Basic English


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Great for high school students who are reading at a grade 2/4 level!

The Elements of Basic English curriculum motivates students with “real-world” examples that teach English skills. Developed for students with a lower reading level, self-explanatory lessons introduce basic English curriculum content. Lessons begin with the basics in word families, syllabication, and sentence structure to build vocabulary skills and reinforce reading. Engaging activities teach “real-life” skills such as alphabetizing in the workplace, check and letter writing. Activities and projects reinforce concepts in an engaging manner.

The Elements of Basic English has age-appropriate pictures and content matter in an easy-to-read format. Students progress independently with self-explanatory lessons. This is aligned with Gr.2/3 standards and includes service-learning opportunities.

This curriculum is also appropriate for adult learners.

Does your student have…

  • A serious reading problem?
  • Dyslexia?
  • ADHD?
  • Problems learning?
  • A cognitive challenge?
  • Autism?
  • English as a second language?

Appropriate for…

  • Mainstream classrooms
  • Resource settings
  • Self-contained settings
  • ELL settings
  • Statewide prep tutorials
  • Alternative settings
  • Residential or homebound
  • Correctional programs